My destiny!

Joy comes to me when I reach you

Comfort calms me when I hug you

Insecurities fades when you kiss me

Confidence grows when you hold my hand.

Smile grows when you smile at me

Cheeks get pink when you stare 

I feel the forever when you lie beside me

And I want you with me like this 


So I never want to stop this journey

Though it is tiresome and hard

Though it hurts me a lot

Its worthy.

You are my destiny!

You are my home!


Imprisoned you in my heart.


    I imprisoned you in my heart 

    And torturing you with my love    Its neither unconditional nor big love.

          It passed those levels.

   I define it as a monstrous love.

  Though I hurt you , though I killed you by words,  

  You never tried to escape from my heart.

 I never wanted you to hurt you

But  I do just unintentionally.

   There are ways to escape from me

  But you love me and Dont want an escape.

   I asked you why?

   You told ” Would I cut my hand because it is paining?

  And I stood in awe at what you said.

  I never wanted you to leave 

   I need you forever.

   I want you to stay in my heart prison

    I just want you to change the prison ,

   Into a garden of bliss where 

  We live with happiness.

Busy people stimulates Anger.

Hi…I am here to share you a little thoughts of Anger and busy people from my mind. 

Do you agree that busy people make us angry and frustrated?  I agree, If that busy people are so much important to you. We dont like to hear the word“ I am busy ” from the people we love. That makes them unavailable for us.This may makes us to think that we are not their priority. It also shows their inattentiveness. We think that people must be busy with things which are important to them. So we deem that we are not important to them. This causes the anger in us.

And that anger is not due to hatred, it is due to love and attachment we have for them. We need that important people to be available when we needed them most. If they Dont have time for us we get disappointed and gets sad…and at that time the anger erupts like a volcanoes. We show our anger to them without the intention of hurting them. But it hurts them. We just want them to understand how important they are to us and want them to respect our feelings and to hear what we need to say. 

Some people doesn’t know how to display their love and to show that we are their priority.If they have no time for us it does not always mean that we are not their priority.They Dont know the way of showing it. Though they didn’t give us their time…in their heart resides love and importance for us.
So people are hard to understand ,so dear people ! Dont say busy to your loved ones..when they needed you most. Never make them feel insecure. Show them that they are your priority.
This is also my case..I get angry for this thing and gets sad and anger. And then I pour my anger on him and hurt him without intention.And again I feel worried for hurting him. I should try to expect less.